Hey there ghostheads,

In time for our 20ish year in business and to celebrate GHOSTBUSTERS™ 20th anniversary we got off the “proto-web” and hired a guy we know really well (thanks again Bill) to throw together our first business website.

Ghostbusters NYC, (not to be confused with our later NYC Ghostbusters franchise) once also known as Franchise 0 (Ray’s idea) went live and existed with our former hosting company for 10 years.

We didn’t have a really long term plan for that site. We’re pretty well known, although not always for the right reasons. When we abandoned that hosting company like the city once abandoned us (still hurts) our business site went into some web archive Egon and Ray look at like one of their weird hobbies.

About a year ago (January 2015) I gave the green light for Rich aka Spengs to bring the site out of containment. Between Ray, Rich, and occasionally a rookie I don’t want to know the name of they update Ghostbusters Firehouse with blog posts and updated content.

Dr. Peter Venkman