Ghostbusters Videmption Arcade Game

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I’ve been aware that a Ghostbusters Videmption arcade game will be coming out. At that time, it was kinda more of a tease because a photo was taken and went into that one cable which connects to the internet. I have no problem (why would I?) talking about a Ghostbusters Videmption arcade game. I’m not really knowledgeable about such games and I would have preferred to have waited until it was official.

Fortunately Arcade Heroes is and have provided the info along with knowledgable speculation.

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Mattel Planning New Ghostbusters Figures And A Proton Pack

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Sony Pictures VP of global consumer products, Mark Caplan has provided information about what ghostheads can expect from their business partnership with Mattel int he next year. While we’re probably not getting those The Real Ghostbusters figures (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, July 25, 2014) we’ll see new Ghostbusters figures and have a Proton Pack.

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Ghostbusters Pumpkin Patterns

Last October, only slightly earlier then this year I wrote about Ghostbusters pumpkin patterns. (GB Inc. Blog Post, October 21, 2014) While you can still download any or all 4 Ghostbusters, Slimer, Stay-Puft, and a Terror Dog from Zombie Pumpkins, this year brings us familiar new pumpkin patterns from Pumpkin Pile. (more…)

Ghostbusters The Board Game


Coming to retailers November 11, 2015!

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Cryptozoic Entertainment sent over an electronic email telling ghostheads web masters (I’m honored to be included!) that Cryptozoic Entertainment announced (in fact just today) that Ghostbusters: The Board Game arrives at retailers on November 11, 2015.

After the break, the official press release with Ghostbusters The Board Game photos!

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Ghostbusters 2016 Books To Be Published


With a new Ghostbusters (2016) movie on the horizon brings new (and hopefully original) merchandising. While Ghostbusters Inc. probably won’t cover everything from Ghostbusters 2016 we will if we choose to and it fits with Ghostbusters Incorporated.

Its still early on, not a lot of information seems to be known.

Guide To Ghostbusting

Amazon (US) has listings for new Ghostbusters books. The one that caught our attention is Guide To Ghostbusting. This 96 page guide will be published by Simon Spotlight, priced at $6.99 USD, and to be released on June 14, 2016. (more…)

IDW Publishing Ghostbusters International Comics


Each issue will be suit free.

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agbintcomicoverIDW Publishing Ghostbusters comic news out of the recent New York Comic Con.

It was announced (um probably at NYCC) that IDW will publish international adventures of the comic Ghostbusters.

The title will appropriately be named Ghostbusters International.

As a guy who once owned and paid way too much for the domain name I wish this part of the comic series had been around over the last decade.

The basic premise of Ghostbusters international comics is that the established Ghostbusters will be dealing with international  ghosts at there respective international locations.

Perhaps as early as Issue #1 we’ll also see new Ghostbusters to probably handle business in America.

Comic Book Resources interviewedErik about Ghostbusters International.

I’m an eyewitness, anybody want to interview me? :D

Ghostbusters International Issue #1 will be available in January 2016.

Photo Source:Comic Book Resources

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New Tobin’s Spirit Guide Translated To English Is Coming


In January we wrote about how Joe Nonostante, an Italian ghosthead had created an unofficial, yet extensive fan made Tobin’s Spirit Guide. (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 26, 2015) During the first week of February we updated that blog post with news that Joe’s Tobin’s Spirit Guide could be translated into English. (more…)

Tobin’s Spirit Guide (Abridged) To Be Published From Insight Editions

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West End Games, Inc. published Tobin’s Spirit Guide (for use with Ghostbusters™ A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game) during Ghostbusters’ infancy.

During the internet age ghostheads have been making fan made versions which can encompass more then the films and the original RPG books. What can be included is unnaturally personal preference. Like this one (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 26, 2015) from Italian ghosthead Joe Nonostante. His version of Tobin’s clocks in at 496 pages!

With the release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game during Ghostbusters 25th anniversary Prima Games published a thorough game book which contains a Tobin’s Spirit Guide section.

While people with notable connections have tried to get a license to create such an official labor of love, it wasn’t in Spate’s Catalog. Or so it seemed.

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