Robin Shelby’s Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts Appearance


This morning Robin Shelby was at Krispy Kreme’s Burbank, CA location to hang out with California franchise members and together enjoy hopefully delicious 30th Anniversary donuts. Robin Shelby shared her album of pictures and after asking is allowing Ghostbusters Incorporated to share them. A special thanks to Robin Shelby and her husband Sean Spence.


robinshelbyangmikecurtandy robinshelbyghostheads robinshelbykrispykrememployees


Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts Box


Craig Wilson, a ghosthead took photos of the Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters box and bucket or pail, which he kindly shared with the Ghostbusters community. Special thanks to Craig Wilson and that Krispy Kreme manager.


krispykremegboxside krispykremegboxpailside

krispykremegbpail krispykremegbpailtop


If you live in the Burbank, CA area, Robin Shelby will be at Krispy Kreme at 8 AM PT.

I will be helping the Krispy Kreme Donuts in Burbank, CA celebrate the first day of the amazing Ghostbusters donuts this Monday at 8:00 a.m.. Coffee and donuts anyone??

We Love Fine Ghostbusters Rompers


Ghostbusters Incorporated apparel partner We Love Fine is now selling new Ghostbusters women’s rompers.  Each costume/uniform includes and features:

  1. “No Ghost” logo patch.
  2. Character name patch.
  3. Side waist cinch.
  4. Exposed zipper.
  5. Contrast piping.
  6. Comfortable flexible elastic cuff opening.
  7. Top bodice pocket.
  8. Back Pocket.

Ghostbusters rompers retail for $78 USD before applicable tax.

Photo Source: We Love Fine

Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts Coming Soon


Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts, a Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary promotion from Ghostbusters Incorporated business partners begins on Monday, September 29, 2014 and runs through October 31, 2014.

Ghostbusters franchise across the country will be visiting locations for gatherings and eat Ghostbusters themed donuts.

Photo Source: Krispy Kreme

Now Complete At Ecto-Containment


Written by: Louis Tully, C.F.O

Photo credit: Ecto-Containment

Hey everybody, its me Louis! I haven’t been able to write for Ghostbusters Incorporated’s website in a really long time. My chief financial responsibilities usually keep me pretty busy at 51 W. 30th St. Um, send a S.A.S.E for an autograph photo. Rich has been pretty busy recently working on important site updates. Since he’s working towards that, he might have said something about a comic update and a website. I thought I could add the next post. I would have done this sooner, I had to um strategically plan it and work on certain computers when not too many employees were around.

I know you’ve all read the blog posts about new Now Comics updates at Ecto-Containment. Pretty cool huh? I don’t think the rest of the issues to be made into Portable Digital Format were planned to be completed this month. That’s what happened!

The issues that weren’t complete were made into Portable Digital Format (P.D.F) files and added to Ecto-Containment yesterday!!! Now ( :D :p ) every issue from Now The Real Ghostbusters is available to read for free (Ooh) um now or whenever you want!

Every issue can be downloaded to read off-line on your personal computer running Windows, OS X, and maybe Linux. I don’t know too much about that. All the comics can also be read on-line (some kind of internet connection required) or off-line on your smart phone or tablet.

Rich also has just one issue of that green guy’s comic from Now comics up too. I don’t care for that smelly ghost, Janine told me years ago he’s alright. We try to keep out of each other’s way when its possible.

SFX Magazine Guide To Ghostbusters


SFX Magazine, out of the United Kingdom is celebrating Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary with content dedicated to various aspects of Ghostbusters, including pages about ghostheads and Ghostbusters websites. Whether it was time, space, or accidentally overlooked some sites, including ours weren’t included. I blame our Public Relations department. Wait, do we even have a PR dept?

Articles include:

  •  Making of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.
  • Interviews.
  • Harold Ramis tribute.
  • Top 40 spooks.
  • Extended Ghostbusters universe.
  • “Ghostbusters 3″.
  • Ghostheads.

This special issue of SFX Magazine may be able to be purchased in chain book stores. It can also be bought direct from SFX in print and digital form.

  1. Print
  2. iPad or iPhone
  3. Google Play for Android
  4. Zinio
  5. Nook

New Press And Personal Ghostbusters Photos Added


Two new Press photos and one Personal photo from Ghostbusters™ have been added to their respective Photo pages. Ghostbusters Incorporated sends a special thanks to Columbia Pictures, owned by Sony Pictures and Beyond The Marquee.

The photo above comes from part of what became the montage. The scene was part of a longer conversation with the media and a way of free advertising. Below is part of the “cut” scene when a “street punk” is bothering Egon.


He’s confused by all the commotion and the barrage of questions from the press. A STREET PUNK in the crowd behind the police barricades keeps hissing at him.


Mister!  Hey, Mister!  Come here!  Mister.

He finally gets Spengler’s attention and waves him over.


Hey, Mister!  Can I see those guns?


They’re not guns.  They’re particle throwers.


Yeah, yeah.  I just want to see ‘em.


I couldn’t do that.  You might hurt someone.

He turns away.


Wait!  Wait!  Let me ask you something.  If you like shot Superman with those guns, would he feel it or what?


(with authority)

On Earth — no.  But on Krypton we could slice him up like Oscar Mayer Bologna.



Ernie Hudson Visits NYC Ghostbusters Locations


Actor and Ghostbusters Incorporated friend Ernie Hudson was in New York City recently in part to promote Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. Since he was in the city anyway ;) Ernie Hudson and Entertainment Weekly Kyle Ryan toured some of Ghostbusters locations. Ernie Hudson shared some of his memories from making Ghostbusters along the way.

Photo Source: EW

Beyond The Marquee Interviews Stephen Dane


Movie and TV website Beyond The Marquee interviewed Stephen Dane. Mr. Dane created the movie versions of ECTO-1 and the prop equipment. Although they did look amazingly similar to the real ones! Topics Include:

  • Stephen Dane’s start in Hollywood.
  • How Stephen Dane came to work on Ghostbusters.
  • Designing a movie version of ECTO-1 and prop equipment.
  • Working with Ivan Reitman.
  • Proton Pack inspiration.
  • Physically building prop Proton Packs and Ghost Traps.
  • Paper To Props.
  • ECTO-1 build process.
  • Designing “Ghostbusters II” prop equipment.
  • Ghostbusters memories.
  • Ghostbusters impact on Stephen Dane’s career.

If they asked me to work on a new Ghostbusters film, I’d do it in a flash. It sure ought to be interesting …

Beyond The Marquee’s interview with Stephen Dane.

We’re sure speaking to Mr. Stephen Dane would have been more then enough. Because of the unprecedented access that was granted Jon Donahue and Mr. Stephen Dane checked out the screen used ECTO-1 once again.

Photo Sources: Beyond The Marquee